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To Do: Get the First Warhammer 40K Image Up

So I’ve started this new blog for all my hobbies. At first, I was pleased. I made the templates, got the ground work all done. I thought my work was done. Then I read on the internet that blogs are supposed to have something called “content”, which, at first, I thought was a state of tranquility. After three hours of yoga with my monitor, I went back to Google and found out content is stuff, like words, on the page. And pictures. Boy was my face red and my prana all out of whack.

Rather then let my new born bouncing baby blog feel neglected of sparkly things, I decided to feed it content. First up, my Warhammer 40K gallery! I paint a lot of models. It’s become quite an addiction. But on the plus side, it’s somewhat constructive, gets me away from my computer, and makes me feel like I’m creative. Will you stop haunting me now, Monet’s ghost! I need space and a hug, a non-ethereal hug.

Oh yes, blogs also like links. Jeez these things are hard to take care of. Now I know why parents complain about their babies. Here’s the link to my Warhammer 40K gallery. Or, if you’re jam packed with computer smarts, you can just click the link at the top with the same name.

That’s all I’ve got for you this go round. I hope you have a great holiday season, and in case I don’t get back to a computer any time soon, have a Happy New Year!


Hello world!

Huzzah! If you’re here, then I’ve managed to steal your DSL internet, instant download-ruined attention for at least two seconds. If you’re still reading, then I still have it, which fills me with a great sense of power. Don’t worry, I’ll not abuse it.

I decided it was time to move from Tumblr to WordPress. Tumblr is more of a picture sharing website, and honestly, I ain’t no photographer. My shots are out of focus, have horrible composition, and I keep getting photobombed by Tina Fey.


She scares me…she can be anywhere…so I don’t do photographs.

So I’m moving on to more blog like pastures. It makes sense, really, since I consider myself a writer, and writing does put food on my table and clothes on the backs of children I don’t actually have, but sounds better than saying the children I borrow. So here I am. Hopefully you enjoy.

Alas, this post will have to be short. I have work in just a few hours, and this week will probably be super trying. Why, you ask? How kind. Because I’M LIKE TOTES GETTING MARRIED AND STUFF. That’s right. Me. Getting married. To a beautiful girl. I’ll be sure to post pictures. Hopefully Tina free, but I make no promises. Update soon, ya’ll!