Hello world!

Huzzah! If you’re here, then I’ve managed to steal your DSL internet, instant download-ruined attention for at least two seconds. If you’re still reading, then I still have it, which fills me with a great sense of power. Don’t worry, I’ll not abuse it.

I decided it was time to move from Tumblr to WordPress. Tumblr is more of a picture sharing website, and honestly, I ain’t no photographer. My shots are out of focus, have horrible composition, and I keep getting photobombed by Tina Fey.


She scares me…she can be anywhere…so I don’t do photographs.

So I’m moving on to more blog like pastures. It makes sense, really, since I consider myself a writer, and writing does put food on my table and clothes on the backs of children I don’t actually have, but sounds better than saying the children I borrow. So here I am. Hopefully you enjoy.

Alas, this post will have to be short. I have work in just a few hours, and this week will probably be super trying. Why, you ask? How kind. Because I’M LIKE TOTES GETTING MARRIED AND STUFF. That’s right. Me. Getting married. To a beautiful girl. I’ll be sure to post pictures. Hopefully Tina free, but I make no promises. Update soon, ya’ll!

About Onshava

I'm a writer who grew up a total geek. I attended the University of Florida (Go Gators!), graduated, and set out to make my place in the world in the great city of Chicago. I'm married (still not sure how I suckered her into it), have two dogs, and think subway trains are the devil's magic. Also, I'm a horribly addicted hobbyist. Warhammer 40k, MMOs, Xbox gaming, writing, reading, playing guitar, painting, modeling (not the sexy GQ kind)...you name it, I probably do it. I also like to talk, a lot. So, to quote Deckard Cain, "Hello, my friends! Stay awhile, and listen." View all posts by Onshava

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