To Do: Showcase my New Chaos Lord


There are few feelings more grand than seeing a vision come to life. That’s too vague. There are few emotional feelings more satisfying than seeing a project you planned out come to fruition. Cause, let’s face it, there are plenty of feelings that are better, but those feelings typically require consent by another living being. And usually end in me crying. But out of happiness. And feelings of inadequacy.


(Sayid, don’t feel bad, it happens to every man.)

Ahem, so yes, emotional feelings from deeds. Kids go nuts when, after putting in weeks of planning, they come home with a 2nd place ribbon in the science fair. Their work was rewarded, and they feel bigger than Andre the Giant on stilts.

Article346989_Science Fair 2010 001

(You may gawk at his well-made poster board, but don’t gawk during his back swing.)

What’s my point of this? Jeez, be more impatient. Please. Wait, actually, you’re here on my behalf. Sorry. Anyways, I recently set out to do my very own Chaos Lord for my Alpha Legion project. I very much despise the currently available 40K models. They’re all so boring, and I don’t want to dedicate my character to any specific dark god. After all, Alpha Legion still serve the Emperor. Want to fight about it? So I had to make my own. But where to start?


No suitable models were to be found. But lo and behold, Games Workshop released this gem of a model just a week ago.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? Took my breath away. Not in a “my wife serving Five Guys burgers naked” kind of way, or a “my wife voluntarily watching the Lord of the Rings marathon naked” kind of way…wait, lost my train of thought. Oh ya, burgers. God bless I love burgers. Seriously. It’s an addiction. If I could I…*whispers*…oh, yes, model. So ya, new fantasy model that looks killer. I knew I had to make a 40K model out of him. But first, there was work to do.


Break out your knives! Whip out your glue. Open up the sculpting putty. It’s time to get dirty. The first part, ripping this guy to shreds and covering all his fantasy bits with sci-fi bits, took about four hours of work. Interrupted, of course, because I was talking with all the other hobbyists about such subjects as game lore, the [term deleted to ensure Fox Sports doesn’t sue me], and My Little Pony. Not kidding. Eventually, I had this.

Frankenstein's Monster

The next two days were devoted to painting. And cursing. See, I have butterfingers, and I drop bits, paintbrushes, and paint bottles, often. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, caffeine is a mother f#@$er, kids.


(The blue parts are happy. The red are death.)

After seven hours of painting, I finally finished my vision. And it was good. I immediately snapped a few pictures, adjusted them up on (check it out if you’ve never heard of it, then tweet your thanks to @cbmcgames. You’re welcome), and sent it forth into the interwebs to find a life for itself. I hear it’s doing well it Seattle, raising a family with a nurse Barbie.

Hello Nurse

Without further adieu, here is Alpharius, Chaos Lord of the Alpha Legion!

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord

From paper sketch to sculpt, prime to paint, he turned out exactly as I imagined him. He’s my pride and joy of this army. While he doesn’t have a load out that’ll win any tournaments, he perfectly embodies what I imagine my fearless general would look like. Also, he’s burning something, which is always cool. You see, my Alpha Legion are on a mission to free the Emperor from the Golden Throne by killing him, thereby serving his ultimate goal of destroying Chaos (even though mankind must die in the process, it’s just one of those things). Please hand me my ribbon, Mr. Judge. I’m going to wear it home, pimp walk style.

Bluto Haters gonna hate

To Do: Showcase my New Chaos Lord


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