To Do: Update Readers on My Chaos Lord Project

I recently told you all about the heartache of losing my newly created Chaos Lord model. He was my baby, but he decided to move on to greener army cases. I won’t bring up old, painful memories. Instead, I want to show everyone the new new Chaos Lord I just finished. The post from the other day really inspired me to sit down and get this project done, so I did. I also channeled the anger and violent thoughts I had into what I was creating, so the new guy is a bit, uhm, darker, you could say…

AlphariusThe model actually came together a lot faster than the first one, I assume because I had juju flowing through my fingers. That, and I had sort of done this once before, so I had a better understanding of what I was after. There is actually a fair bit more sculpting involved in this model than the previous. Who knew creating intestines would be so difficult? Hahahahahahahahaha.

The scales on the cloack were particularly fun to sculpt and paint, and bring the model together pretty well, in my humble opinion. The love tapped marine he’s abusing is a Disciple of Caliban, and is meant to tie in my upcoming Black Templar ally force in a few short weeks. I did exchange the plasma pistol for a twin-linked bolter, which, gaming wise, doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense, but all I could think was, “Walk softly, and carry a big gun.” I let my brain matter make the call. As far as games go, I’d probably claim it as a bolt pistol, but who knows.

Before you go any further, yes, I do realize there’s a skull hovering in the air in the last shot. While seating the model on his custom base, I couldn’t get him to quite fit in a way that didn’t take up too much room. I finally got him settled down, but then noticed the hovering skull. Meh, I’ll paint up a piece of rubble and slide it under there. That’ll do the trick. The ole, “Slide a Piece of Rubble Under There” maneuver. That’s all I got. If you have any questions about the model (how did I paint what, where did I find certain bits, does he like Bogart movies, etc), or just want to tell me how bad he sucks, feel free to tweet me @cbmcgames, or comment below. For the Emperor!

To Do: Update Readers on My Chaos Lord Project.


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