To Do: Discuss Painting Craziness and Other Such Randomness Known Only to Bing Enthusiasts

Holy effing crap…it’s been a month? A damn month? What the hell have I been doing with my time! Let’s see, koala insemination, thirteen tours with my one-man acoustic band, Saggin’ G-Strings, work, dog walking. Huh, so apparently I’ve been busy. I need a dad gum alarm or something telling me I’m slacking on my writing. If any reader has a bullwhip, they have full permission to teach me the error of my ways. 


So let’s catch up. First, the Warhammer 40,00-ing, cause, let’s be honest, that’s all I really talk about. Sometimes politics, but only when discussing movie title legislation. First, I’ve painted enough models to knock both my Black Templars and my Alpha Legion to 2,000 points. On top of that, I’ve also painted the start of my pre-heresy Alpha Legion (a Cataphractii Legion Praetor), and pretty far into my Farsight allies, knocking out six firewarriors, Commander Farsight, and two bodyguards. I’ll toss up some pictures here.

That is a lot of painting. Wow. Ya. That’s (yay, a list!):


1x Black Templars Stormraven
1x Emperor’s Champion (from the power-armored legion praetor)
1x Black Templars Marshal with a thunderhammer and stormshield
5x Alpha Legion cataphractii terminators
1x Pre-heresy Alpha Legion legion praetor
6x Firewarriors
1x Commander Farsight
2x Crisis Suit Bodyguards

All of that was within a month and a half…do…do I have a life? I do love me some late night painting, that’s for sure. When others are drinking booze, exploring their desires to begin a crimefighting duo, or catching a re-run of Louie Anderson’s Family Feud, I’m working on my brushstrokes. It’s been paying off, though.


Recently I’ve started picking up some commission work for people at my local shop. The first was a single model, the dead teminator from the Space Hulk game. Now another gent has enlisted me to paint a number of his pre-heresy Death Guard and Angron. I mean, it’s not a terrible amount of money, but it helps fund more hobby craziness. Yes, the hobby craziness.


And all this leads into the last bit of painting madness. Without much fanfare…





I won my local Games Workshop Armies on Parade competition! Unfortunately it wasn’t a huge turnout (a few guys who had talked trash for weeks didn’t show up), having only three competitors, but the other guys were crack painters and modelers. It turned into a really close race between me and a cool Tyranid guy who smashes my ass every SINGLE DAMN TIME WE PLAY. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME, MOM! His board was much better than mine, but my insane attention to detail pulled me ahead by two votes. Huzzah!


See that? That’s gold. Well, gold plating. Gold paint. It’s yellowish paint made to look like gold. 

On the video game front, a buddy of mine and I picked up Rift for the second time. You see, I’m becoming a cheap ass in my golden years. If it ain’t small and made of plastic or a flashy bauble that’s caught my lady’s eye, I ain’t buying it. Actually, not true. I’m totally buying a New England Patriots Tim Tebow jersey. And possibly a new pair of underwear, but only if I can find one of those fancy elephant ones where the dong goes in the trunk. Now that Rift has gone F2P, I have no reservations about devoting some time to it. It’s always been a solid MMO, but paying a subscription fee wasn’t in the cards. I did put some money into the extra classes so I could play a battle mage. Shit, that means I spent money. Son of a bitch!


What, you want more? I don’t know if I got anything else. Uhm, Farsight supplement rumor, Space Marine codex before the end of 2013, it’s impossible to tell the gender of an alligator without poking its innards. That’s pretty much all I got. God strike my internet dead if I do


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