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To Do: Discuss Real Life (Blergh), Update on Some Projects, and Try to Get Caught Up

Now that’s a long ole’ title. Reminds me of the classic American Film Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, except hopefully more entertaining.


So here we are, another post, another 45+ days since my last. My life seems to go through a number of high tides and low tides, metaphorically speaking. I’ll have a plethora of free time with which to write personal projects, play guitar, create sock puppets from neighbors’ socks, and maintain my self-enforced rigid painting schedule. Other times, well, I’m staying up till 2 a.m. just to finish a commission job so I can go to work the next morning. I’m sleepy, dammit!


This evening, after finishing a WoC sorcerer for a client and watching Despicable Me with the wifey (she fell asleep half way through, I was glued to the tube), I was able to put aside a few things and get a blog post up. As stated above, I have at least three pounds of unchecked sleep sitting around, so this may not be all that funny. Or it may be. Who knows. I know…the Shadow knows!


Actually, I can’t verify that with paperwork. *ahem* So aside from the numerous commission jobs I’ve picked up, such as this one…

Khorne Lord 1

And this one…

Dave R Prince

I was able to cram in enough time to paint my brand new, limited edition (total of one in the world), bad-ass Black Templars Chapter Master. But what’s that you say? Black Templars can’t have chapter masters? Well, rumor has it that the boys in black will be featured in the upcoming Codex: Space Marines.

1185596_161938270663616_1071946389_n“Heavy flamer, I choose you! Use fireblast!”

What I wanted was something that was never meant to be. You see, THQ was, once upon a time, back when innocence was real and Miley Cyrus wasn’t raunching up the world (Ha! Contemporary humor), creating a 40K MMO. In it, players could suit up as a Black Templar and become a certified Keanu Reeves that looked something like the guy in the middle here.


Alas, it was not meant to be.


But instead of turning from my desires and walking back to my lonely bar with a foreign police officer, I turned to the Internet for help. Being a connoisseur of awesome peeps on Twitter, I knew exactly what to do. I contacted a buddy of mine, a Mr. @WH30K, and asked him to recreate the amaze-balls model, with a couple of alterations:

1) Put a helmet on the guy. Dad gummit, he didn’t survive countless war zones by exposing his mug to enemy fire.
2) Put a cape on it, because, hell, I’m a sucker for capes. I’d wear one in real life if it didn’t result in me being asked to stop bank heists. I bruise easily.

Steve, being the stand-up guy that he is, took on the project with reckless abandon. Before long, I had this gem waiting for me in my mailbox.


Go ahead, gasp. Drool. Become awkwardly aroused. It’s ok. It’s a gorgeous mini. It took two nights of painting, sneaking time in between dog walks, work projects, and, you know, all that missed sleep, but I got it done. Behold!


I like to think of myself as a resurected Picasso whose tastes have evolved from canvas to plastic models, and whose talents have taken a dive after venturing from the afterlife into a human host. It’s not an amazing paint job, but I’m pretty damn proud. He’ll make one heck of a leader.

It wasn’t all puppy kisses and leprechaun farts. Along the way, my kitten managed to frickin’ eat the power sword and the chain connecting the pistol to the wrist. Seriously, ate it…can’t find any evidence of their destruction.

So anyways, this guy will launch my Black Templars expansion, which will include a Sternguard unit, 2x tactical squads, a devastator centurion squad, an AA tank, and probably some fanciness besides. But something else happened…


I was so impressed with Steve’s work that I just had to do a quick Q and A with him. You know, poke his brain, ask the tough questions, study the brain of a madman…a madman at sculpting! If you have ever found yourself wondering about the finer points of Green Stuff sculpting, or ever wanted to get to know a complete stranger, then read on!


Q: So what/who got you started in the tabletop hobby? 
Lord of the Rings, my son was about 7 when it came out and started to buy the models, he was trying to paint but gave up and asked for my help 🙂 Once I got the bug, I was hooked.
Q: Were you immediately drawn to the converting/sculpting side of things, or was it something you picked up later? Why?
At first, I was content with just the painting, then I started my own High Elf army and started to do some green stuff work, firstly making some High Elf mounted archers. You couldn’t buy then back then, and I thought i would have a go 🙂
Q: What was the first conversion/sculpt you can remember being very proud of? What about that particular piece inspired you? Any pictures? 
First scratch built model I built was for a friend; it was a Mortarion for his Death Guard (pic below). I was really happy with it at the time 🙂


Q: How long have you been sculpting professionally?
About 6 months since I started to charge for my work, tha’ts when i made Leman Russ (pic below)


Q: You recently began working on 40K models as a full-time endeavor. How has the adventure been going? Any success stories you’d like to share?
Really pleased with how its going, never a bad comment so it must mean I’m heading in the right direction 🙂 
Q: If other hobbyists wanted to have you sculpt a custom model for them, what would be the best way of contacting you? is my e-mail or @wh30k on Twitter 
Q: Have any advice for those just starting to dabble in sculpting? What about those considering doing tabletop modeling as a professional endeavor?
Yeah, keep at it, It won’t happen over night, practice makes perfect, any help needed I’m willing to give any more specific advice on my Twitter page or e-mail
Q: What tabletop games do you play? What armies/forces do you play within those games?
I started playing Lord of the Rings High Elfs, then moved onto dwarves. Gave up for about 4 years then started reading some space marine books 🙂 really only ever played space marines since (cause he’s smart, mwahaha)
Q: Your Warhammer 40,000 primarch models have netted you quite a bit of attention from Twitter. Is there a particular army/model type that you particularly enjoy sculpting? Why?
Yeah, the Night Lords. I’m sculpting a Konrad Curze or Night Haunter (primarch of the 8th), so i bought myself the books to read for inspiration and have started to make my own 10th company now 😀 
As you can tell, I don’t really put questions in a particular order, mostly because they come out in random ways. I figure, hey, maybe it makes them more fun to read.
Well, I think that’s going to wrap it up here. I’d like to make some heartfelt statement about trying to update more, but as we all know, life can be a hideous goddess bitch, so who knows when I’ll get another spare hour to update things. I imagine my enthusiasm for the space marine release will have be all a flutter and I’ll spend a night just taking pictures and gawking at the book, but that shall have to wait for another day.
To Do: Discuss Real Life (Blergh), Update on Some Projects, and Try to Get Caught Up