To Do: Competitive Christmas Discussion by Blackbird

Well that certainly didn’t take long.

Our new writer Blackbird has already pumped out his first article. Apparently he was excited to get it online. Poor buggar thinks there’s “bitches” to be had for writers. But hey, I’ll let him dream.

And like an informercial about do-it-yourself organ transplant gadgets, I have to say, “The contents and viewpoints expressed in the following presentation do not reflect those of CBMcGames nor all writers of Nerds To Do List.”

On with the show!

—“Christmas: the Competitive Holiday for Wargamers” by Blackbird

Hello everyone! Blackbird here to give you some insight on the tournament scene, the evolving meta, and how competitive wargamers jack up their Christmas bill with new toys.

Recently, I’ve attended Nova (went 4-4) and Feast of Blades (3-3-2), and one thing is for sure; the meta has changed drastically. Necrons, the kings of 6th edition, have been harshly knocked from their throne by Eldar and Tau. Much like Grey Knights in 5th edition, everyone hopped on the powerhouse bandwagon. They’re simply everywhere! Near as I can tell, these two races make up about 2/3 of the army lists in today’s tournament landscape.

This is great for Games Workshop, of course, as they know how to make you buy new toys for the competitive scene. The Wraightknight costs 240pts (and a whopping $115), but since it’s an absolute beast on the battlefield, wargamers swallow their pride and pay to play. And no, I’m no different. I am in the process of building an Eldar/Tau list.

But will they still be the kings of competitive play in a couple of months? Those who follow rumors know that Tyranids, Guard, and Space Wolves may soon see an update, so balance may be on its way. But who knows. The Space Marine codex, for instance, was suppose to be the codex to finally create balance, and it did nothing but make marines players happy. SM players can pack a punch with biker spam and centurions with Tigarius, but not much else stands out as a xenos killer.

Of course, maybe it won’t be a codex that finally equalizes competitive play. This new “things” (I say that as nice as possible) called Escalation has come out, and caused quite a stir. Why? It allows super-heavies and Lords of War (A.K.A. Apocalypse units) to be used in regular games. To me, and to many other players, this is the most disgusting thing Games Workshop has ever done. Imagine setting up for a tournament game with a list you spend weeks creating, and then watching the player across from you place a Baneblade or an Eldar Titan loaded with “D” weapons. D weapons completely tip the scales on everything; if you’re not prepared to play against serious armor, you will be on the receiving end of some pain, and your opponent will advance simply because he brought a super-heavy.

Tournaments now need to decide what to do with Escalation and whatever other books Games Workshop releases, if they allow them at all. Feast of Blades has already decided how they’re going to combat the issue, which you can see here. Essentially, they’re creating a banned/restricted list for what players can and can’t bring.

Some players are not satisfied, however, as their restrictions don’t really combat the problem. In fact, all that does is start to restrict creativity and list building. The issue comes down to D weapons, not the units found in these books.

All this fuss, and we’re only talking about two books. What surprises and disarray will the competitive scene see in January and beyond! Only time (and myself) will tell.

To Do: Competitive Christmas Discussion by Blackbird


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