To Do: Read Blackbird’s Second Post

Damn. Our new writer, Blackbird, is on a tear! He has caught the writing bug, and he just can’t stop. He’s like a nymphomaniac who has confused sweet, sweet loving with writing articles. What I’m getting at is, he’s doing a lot of pen and paper humping.

Without further ado, here’s the latest from Blackbird!

***Editor’s Note: due to a crazy work day, the following article was posted sans edits. Also, please remember that the views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of other Nerds To Do List writers, or the blog as a whole.***

Hello everyone, Blackbird here to tell you guys about a local tournament I was able to attend this weekend. This tournament was really cool to watch, and I was actually able to play my friend’s last round. The top army (yea you guessed it) was TAU/Eldar!

The Tournament itself is very well run with different T.Os that sometimes then their own flavor, which makes the game more fun than anything. The other thing is our prize support is well for a local tournament, with winners getting a nice plaque and a gift card to games workshop. We also have one of the best gaming groups in the country, we have top players that play on Team America every year, excellent painters, and overall we have a great atmosphere of players. Recently, however, our tournament attendance hasn’t been what we have been hoping for. With old numbers being at around 20+ and recently we have only been seeing around 12-16. Why you may ask? Well, there are many factors when it comes to running a tournament, and unfortunately you can’t make everyone happy. One key factor is what type of tournament is going to be ran, most of the time the tournaments being ran are about a 60-40 competitive split, meaning battle is worth the most, but you better have good painting and sportsmanship score if you want to win best overall. Even though this seems fair, some people (like myself) prefer tournaments more like Feast of Blades.

Feast of blades I like for two reasons. One, its all about battle points and winning games to get 1st. Second, they still give out other awards for best sportsmanship and stuff but it doesn’t count toward your overall performance. On the flipside of that you get people who want to play in a tournament where everything matters, like NOVA. So at Nova there are two main awards. One, is best general (all about winning games and battle points) and renaissance man (overall total score) and a lot of people like this format to. It gives players who aren’t there looking to win every game but expect to do well and get a lot of points from painting, sportsmanship, and just have a good time overall. Both I believe have their places.

Now back to the local tournament, since that is all cleared up. One issue too is that people all have different goals when they go to a tournament. I like going to tournaments and trying to get best general by any means necessary. Other people like going to tournaments just to kick back with some friends and get a game in. Others, try to go for best painter. So, it really depends on the type of person you are. Also, variety is key in a tournament. No one wants to go to a tournament that is all the same army because it won’t be any fun if everyone played Tau or Orks,etc. That’s why people prefer local tournaments sometimes over GTs because their is flavor in a local tournament. So, overall the tournament this weekend was great, with some really sharp painted armies and bloody battles.

To Do: Read Blackbird’s Second Post


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