To Do: Let Blackbird Take the Floor

As can happen in real life, I’m swamped as can be. Luckily, Blackbird lives in a temporal paradox, so he can create infinite minutes on command. He decided to use his powers for good and write another blog post. In this edition, Blackbird will be all on his own; no moderator edits, professor critiques, or gas station attendants telling him to “move his ass” from the snack cake aisle. Take it away, Blackbird.

***As with other articles, Blackbird don’t do no speakin’ for folks on this site, or the site itself. Y’all here?***

Local Tournament Recap

Hey everyone Blackbird here to report on a local tournament recap. So kinda weird how I actually went to the draxtar games’ tournament, I was actually suppose to go the Good, Bad, Ugly tournament in Wisconsin,  but it was still a ton of fun! So as luck will have it I caught a Cold a couple days before the tournament and had a 101 fever saturday morning. Which means I couldn’t go up to play in the GBU sadly, but after taking some medicine and working out I was able to bring down my fever temporarily and was good enough to compete last minute at draxtar. The Tournament was 1750pts and three 2.5 hour rounds. So with all that said on with the tournament!

My list Eldar/Tau

farseer on bike — “buff” commander
3 wave serpents with 5 dire avengers in each
1 bike squad
10 kroot with hound
warp spider squad
2 wratihknights

Game 1: Eldar/tau vs Necrons

So lucky enough for me, he was using necron wraith wing with flyer support. His list was similar to my old necron list, so it was a matter of outplaying him with superior firepower. That being said, Turn 1 went terrible for this guy. I completely destroy everything he had for ground support but 1 wraith left, letting him bring in 3 out of 5 flyers. So, overall he couldn’t do much damage to me but kill a wraithknight, 1 serpent, and 2 5 man dire avenger squads. It ended turn 6 with him having no scoring units left and 2 flyers. I had 2 objectives, kill points, and 3 secondaries. Netting me a total of 23 points and my opponent 0.

Game 2: Eldar/Tau vs Dark angels

So with a 23 point performance I knew I had to start racking up more points to shoot me up to the top 3. So interesting enough my opponent was running a biker hybrid list with some tac squads and 2 squads of terminators. So with his low model count, my plan was to blow him off the board to get full points for getting a “wipeout”. I won the roll off to go first but he seized on me. He scouted up his bikes and did some shooting and caused 1 wound to a wraithknight and did a good amount of damage to my riptide squad. I in turn wipe out all 3 of his bike squads and bring his tac. squad down to azrael. His next turn he brings in both his terminator squad and does 1 more wound on my wraithknights and kills my riptide. On my turn I kill both terminator squads and azrael, leaving him with only a 5 man tac squad behind his defense line. With him only having 5 models left he tried to kill my warlord to steal a point, but my farseer refused to die. I then proceed to table him bottom 3, giving me full points and him 0.

Game 3: eldar/tau vs Nids

So with a great performance so far, I needed to keep up my streak to get me in the top 3. So where do I start here! So in the first two turns my rolling was so hot! I managed to kill all his M.Cs in two turns leaving him with only a 2 wounded mawlock left. He managed to kill 5 kroot and take 2 hull points off a serpent. My turn 3 I kill his mawloc and proceed to start killing his remaining gaunts. By now he had no answer toward anything I had left and had to start making instinctive behavior checks on his 2 remaining gaunt squads. I had enough shooting to blow the rest of his army off the board by turn 4.

So with 3 wins and a total of 79 points I got SECOND PLACE, winning $30 (yes my health was worth $30)! I lost first place by 4 points sadly but it was a local friend, so I wasn’t too upset about it. Still, I was the first loser (I’m pretty competitive huh (; ) and went over some mistakes I made and what I can do to further improve. I love my new army and being able to use it in a  tournament setting!

To Do: Let Blackbird Take the Floor


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