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To Do: Post BlackBird’s Latest Tournament Article

Howdy All!

Blackbird has returned from his self-imposed exile to the depths of Chicago’s sewer system with a new perspective on life, a love of hand sanitizer, and a brand-new article.

In his latest segment, he discusses his trek to the Dark Star GT, detailing his competitive 40K games and his thoughts of the tournament as a whole.

Unfortunately, I’m a bad editor and have no time to do my God d#*&ed duty and go through it, so I’ll have to post it verbatim. But that’s ok; Blackbird also found an English grammar book while navigating below Roosevelt.

***As always, Blackbird’s opinions may not reflect those of Nerds To Do List, other NTDL writers, or the President of the United States, who is an Aries (who says you can’t learn anything on this blog?)***

Hey everyone, Blackbird here to give you a recap on what happened to this Young blood up in Minnesota.

Well, where do I start? I haven’t had a life for the past couple weeks with school, prom coming up in a month, sports, and of course 40k. But with all that, I still manged to throw 3 colors on my army and go play up in Minnesota. Now onto the tournament. So it was fairly small GT with there only being 74 participants. I can say everyone their was decent/great except one guy (my round 5), I was pretty sure I was going to punch in the face if he didn’t shut up. Anyways, I did meet new faces and had a blast hanging out and getting games in. The TOs knew their rules (NOVA judges don’t know #@*%), friendly, and
had the tournament running smoothly which was a upside. Now, one thing that stood out was the terrain, talk about effort put into every table. Terrain was simply beautiful and tournament standard of “quantiy” of it. The competition was decent and I would recommend this tournament for competitive players as well as fun players. Now onto the battle report!

My list: Farseer on bike (warlord).
3x [5 man dire avengers in serpents]
3 wraithknights
“Buff” commander

So missions were cool, but a little odd (FUCK MISSION 3). The tournament was win/loss/draw, with you receiving 15pts for a win, 10 for a draw, and 0pts for a loss. On with the battle reports!

Game 1: eldar/tau vs CSM/daemons

So this guy right off the bat had absolutely no f@*#ing clue what he was talking about. He argued for 5mins that his daemon prince received plus 1 toughness instead of shrouding and defensive grenades. Once, we got everything finally settled we started to roll of on things. I went first and deployed aggressively to try and shove everything done his throat. He decides to put most of army in reserve (why? Who knows) so he then deploys 2 5 man walking marines and 3 bikes
with a chaos lord. There was no night fight. So my top 1 I kill everything and get the win for a “wipeout”, our game was literally 30mins in total. So with that I was 1-0 and enjoyed a 3hr lunch… I never seen anyone, so happy about being tabled top 1.

Game 2: eldar/tau vs Deamons

So this guy was running flying circus essentially and was good guy to play against. So luck was on my side as we were playing hammer and anvil, so I could sit back and hit his guys with str 10 until he died. This game had his ups and down with me blowing to daemon princes top of 1 and he destroying one my serpents. The next turn, however, was bad rolling on both our parts. It took my entire army to finish off his third Deamons prince and he squeezed one glance on a serpent. Turn 3 was when the game was really decided, I pop his great unclean one and finish off his last 5 dogs. The next two turns I kill his troops to table him turn 5. So up 20!

Game 3: eldar/tau vs grey knights/guard/inquisition

I was paired up against last year’s winner, meaning this game was going to actually require thinking. Oh, in case I didn’t make it clear enough F%^K MISSION 3! The mission was so bad in my opinion and others (including my opponent). So pretty much any unit that wasn’t a hq or
vehicles returned to battle in your next movement phase. Every reentering unit you killed was 1pt with a max of 3pts. Then there was 3 objectives with two that were placed as 1 pt and the middle one being worth 3pts. So with all that said, I wanted to flip the table. Well, brad and I didn’t even play the mission until turn 4 when we actually decided to read more into the mission. We literally were just killing each other and simply couldn’t pull a win on each other with the mission being the way it is. It went all the way until turn 7 with both of us having 4pts total and drawing. It was still a fun game and a learning experience for me, since I was playing a great player. So with
said 2-1

Game 4 eldar/tau vs Deamons

Ever have one of those games, where the dice gods just say “f@!k you”? Well this was one of those games. So turn by turn we simply were just withering each other down, it was coming down to dice rolls to decided who was going to wipe each other out first. So turn 5 is  here IT happened…we both had 1 objective a piece and I had first blood, he had warlord. His bottom five he rolls on the warp storm table and summons demons. He drop them behind me in my deployment zone to try to get linebreaker. I then roll a 1 to see if it continues and he wins by a point. Although I was pissed off beyond belief, I still enjoyed the game and had a great opponent to play against. So 2-1 and now need to recover on that loss to improve my overall score.

Game 5: Eldar/tau vs Eldar (Iyanden)

Wow, what was up this guy was beyond me. It took everything I had to not beat the s(*t out of him right there. I literally told him turn two “f%^k the mission, I’m blowing you off the board”. So right off the bat, he was bitching that I had a “hard” list, I told him “yea, I know, that’s because this is a tournament”. So over the course of the game I didn’t say anything except when I declared targets, etc. turn 5 he had 5 guardians left, and I told him “do you want me to table you, or do you
wish to concede”. He then said “I concede”, I didn’t say anything afterwards, I filled out my sheet and walked away.

So at the end of it, I went 311, getting my 5th overall. I enjoyed weekend and am playing to return next year to redeem myself. And yes, I did get the lowest sportsmanship score (shocking
right?). This tournament, like I said, was still a great experience and practice for adepticon. Anyone planning on going to do this next year, should definitely go.

To Do: Post BlackBird’s Latest Tournament Article