About Me

Name: Clinton “Brad” McKay

Born: 11-19-1983

Occupation: Writer/Editor

Hobbies: Too many to count, but include WoW, Warhammer 40K, and music

I’m a man with too many hobbies. It started out innocent enough: I picked up a copy of Diablo 2 in high school, just something to play with my friends online. Soon, I was battling giant spiders in Everquest, painting a couple of Chaos Space Marines, and buying a pack of Magic: the Gathering cards. Before I knew it, I had a house full of hobbies that all required my precious, precious time.

Nowadays, my time is split (after a generous helping given to my wife and job) to include: World of Warcraft, Xbox Live (Halo 4, Space Marine), Skyrim, Magic: the Gathering (though this takes a back seat, since I have no one to play with), Warhammer 40K (currently collecting Black Templars and Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines), writing/playing music, and college football (no, this doesn’t stop when the season ends…it’s a passion). The thing about all this is, there’s only 24 hours in a day.

To cope with this obstacle, I started creating to do lists for myself. It was a tactic I started in high school to keep up with school work, and it works well for me. As you can imagine, my hobby to do list stays pretty long, and is constantly having stuff added to it. Care to take a gander of what I’m doing? Browse through the pages and get an eye full.


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