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To Do: Post More Pictures

Howdy go, good surfers of the web! It’s been a while since I last posted anything. Life’s been pretty busy. Why? Ballsy of you to ask. I like balls. Well, I got married to my wonderful wife on 12-21-12. Poor dear had no idea what she was getting herself into. Now it’s a life of models, geek cons, fantasy movies, and unsubtle hints about wearing elf ears to bed.

So getting hitched and subsequently going on a honeymoon takes mucho time out of one’s painting, modeling, and gaming schedule. I enjoyed by time getting sunburned on a beach and catching fish way too small to claim any sort of bravado for, but the vacation had to end eventually. While being back civilization meant getting back to my desk, it also meant getting back to my work table (which, conveniently, is my dining room table). Since coming back, I’ve finished my Heldrake and three Chaos marines, as well as prepared about 10 other models.

Pictures? Why yes, I do have pictures. Check the shots before for what I’ve accomplished.

Alpha Legion Marine 3

(This is the third member of my troop squad. I love those custom Alpha Legion shoulder pads)

Alpha Legion Heldrake

(My Heldrake. This damn thing took 36 hours to finish, and I’m still working on his base. Currently he’s sitting in my local shop’s display case.)

That’s it. All I’ve got for now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch some Lost with that poor soul who was silly enough to say “I do”.

To Do: Post More Pictures