Nerds To Do List Writers

Meet the Nerds To Do List Writers

Clinton Brad “CBMcGames” McKay (Blog Creator/Writer/Editor) – My passion is writing, Warhammer 40,000, World of Warcraft, and guitar. I began my adventure into tabletop warfare at 14, when my older cousin introduced me to the grim dark future of 40K. I became instantly hooked! I have spent years collecting armies, painting models, selling armies, pretending to be a Space Marine in the shower, and coming up with army fluff…and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be stopping anytime soon. By day, I’m the marketing director for a private business owner and a freelance copywriter. I have written articles for entertainment magazines, websites, newspapers, and bathroom stalls, so maybe you’ve seen some of my work! My articles on this blog typically discuss my personal hobbying adventures, from my recently completed projects to my take on gaming trends. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @CBMcGames.

David Rodriguez A.K.A Blackbird (Writer) – Hello everyone, Blackbird here to discuss the competitive side of gaming. I started getting into the hobby side of things around the age of 12, when I got my first Yu-Gi-Oh deck. From that I evolved into other gaming like World of Warcraft, Magic: the Gathering, and my favorite game ever, Warhammer 40k. I first got into the Warhammer hobby when I was 13 and walked into a local Games Workshop. I fell in love with the sci-fi aspect of 40k, and immediately started playing Chaos Space Marines. From there, I started to meet new people and friends I hope to have forever. At 14, a friend from California came to visit, and got me hooked on Chaos Daemons, which I started shortly after. Some older guys at my shop told me I was pretty good, and that I should go with them up to Indiana to play a tournament. I thought about it and jumped on board. At that tournament, my gaming life changed forever! I fell in love with the tournament scene, and I knew I wanted to become the best. At that tournament I met some of the top players around the country and some of them just happened to live in Chicago. You may have heard of their group, Chicago Kamikazes! Over the years, I have really delved deep into tournament play and made a lot of friends, and after two years of hard work, earned a spot on the Chicago Kamikazes. Now I play as many games as possible against competitive players to improve my game, with the hopes of one day being one of the youngest players ever to bring home a major GT win.

Aidan Crosby AKA Crazysquid (Writer) – I’m Crazysquid! I bought a box of chaos marines when I was 11, and I met Brad and Dave. Then my money disappeared! All at once! Anyway, I started a couple armies, quit them, then settled into dark eldar, loved them, went to necrons, went to vampires, and started night lords, iron warriors, dark eldar, and dark elves all at the same time in the last couple months. Minus my $80 per 10 man executioner horde I have mostly been able to do it all at once, since I AM THE MASTER OF PROXY. Also I spend a lonnngggg time to build stuff, with my penchant for complicated conversions that are all or nothing. I play a lot of Xbox, recently BF4 and GTA5, with some throwback of Halo 3 campaign. I also waste my time with netflix, after having watched lost in a couple months, with the last half in around 3 weeks, watched arrested development in a week or so, watched the west wing, watch communtiy and parks and rec, and am watching mad men and breaking bad. Woot!

Brandon Popper AKA BrandocamandoSM (Writer) – Don’t ask where that nick name came from, it’s a LONG story. Gaming for me started at the young age of 4, when I started on the NES and playing Mario and Zelda through the systems all the way to the recent PS4. I have played my fair share of CCG, such as Magic, Star Wars and Pokemon. I have also played World of Warcraft and Guild Wars on the PC, though table top gaming has become more of my recent hobby of doing things out of the house. Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and now Hero Clix, which will be what I mainly talk about, but adding in some WoW and GW2 in there as well. I like to explain things a little more than it needs to be explained, so anyone who has never played the game(s) can understand what is going on.


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