To Do: Discuss Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

To quote the episode of Family Guy spoofing Taken, “On behalf of my country, allow me to say, we surrender.”


But seriously. As readers of this blog must know by now, I love hobbying. I do. Seriously love it. If it were a child, this blog would be my favorite first born. Unfortunately, my life responsibilities (full-time marketing career, wife, pets, undercover crime fighting, and so it goes) take up more time than I’d like. I simply can’t dedicate the time I would like to for this blog. It saddens my heart and soul.

But all is not lost, theoretical readers! The greatest part about hobbying is often the community you do so in. During my writing adventures, I picked up a few dedicated readers that loved the content they read, and wanted to start contributing to the blog. And for free! Being the American capitalist I am, there’s no way I’m going to turn down free labor, so I graciously accepted.


Starting very soon, Nerds To Do List will begin to have posts written by a collection of writers who are passionate about what they do. Some will be posting about the 40K competitive scene, some on non-40K games such as Heroclix, Warmachines, and fully costumed thumb wrestling…honestly, who knows what! I love it when people get creative, so I’ll let them decide what they write about, so long as it’s a hobby, it’s kind of geeky, and I can edit it to include jokes about butts and koalas. Don’t worry, I’ll still be on the site posting from time to time to keep people abreast about my hobbying efforts and what kind of dressing I put on my salad that day.


If you want to learn more about our writers, check out the new Writer’s Page. If not, well, don’t. You won’t hurt our feelings…much.


Thanks for reading!

To Do: Discuss Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


To Do: Discuss Commission Painting and Ask Painting Questions of the Community

As every red-blooded American tends to do, I decided a few months ago to turn my hobby into a business. OK, that’s a bit strong, I was actually asked to paint something for a gaming friend, and he gave me money for a job well done, and like a one-night stand turned relationship, things kind of just started happening.


Doing commission work is just like everything else in life; it has its good and bad. Do you find yourself wondering what painting for money is like? Do you have many sleepless nights with thoughts of painting for others rolling in your head? Do you wonder what it’d be like to wear a silk thong and sing Allman Brothers songs? Well, I can’t help you with the last thing (I am married, after all), but I’m all over the first two. Let’s discuss commission painting!

The Good

First and foremost, hell, it’s a way of funding our fairly expensive hobby, something my wife has been very appreciative of. Even while adding a couple of thousand points of units to my full and ally armies, I have spent no more than $100 out of pocket this entire summer. Not bad, says the man in Washington, as it leaves more money to spend in other parts of our economy. Anytime you can save money, do it. Money is always in demand in our modern world, like new iPhones and pop culture humor.


Secondly, it gives you a reason to practice new painting techniques. When a customer wants OSL on their piece, you better deliver OSL. Knowing you have to deliver puts a bit of pep in your painting step, not unlike having a blind date who thinks you have washboard abs. If they want a paint scheme you’re not used to (or yellow…*shudder), it forces you to really sit down and work through the aggravation. Before long, you’re at least sufficient at just about anything people can ask of you, which inspires others to ask for your services. See? You’re investing in your future

Probably my favorite “good” is that it allows me to paint a variety of models without having to spend any money. I only play Black Templars (with upcoming Grey Knight allies) and Alpha Legion and Tzeentch marines with Tau allies, so while I have a diverse collection, there are still plenty of things I don’t get to see on my painting table. With commissions, I can paint Salamanders, Death Guard, Tyranids, and all sorts of other armies, all without buying boxes I won’t use or snatching models from a baby in a stroller. GW is the new lollipop.


The Bad 

Deadlines. Oh, the deadlines. When you’re painting your own stuff, you can take your time, paint a model a week, if you so choose. If you’re doing a commission, well, you better get that model back to the owner asap. Tired after work? Tough. Girlfriend giving birth? Oh well. Alien invasion? Tell them to hold on a minute. Larry the Cable Guy said it best, “Git R Doen”.


Also, your free time for your own stuff starts to dwindle. I suppose this one is only as true as the demand you’re working with, but I know that I typically have three models painted per week in my personal collection, but haven’t completed more than five personal minis in the past month. Being busy is much better than being bored, but it does suck to watch all the model boxes pile up when you know you won’t be able to get to them for quite a while.

I might have forgotten earlier, but another downside is the deadlines. Wait, I said that? Damn. Well, it does hamper things. Just saying.


So Should I Do It?

That’s an excellent question, Billy. What it really comes down to is this; is time more of a factor for you, or money? For me, I knew that the summer was going to cost me a lot of money, and I knew I’d be painting a few nights a week no matter what, so I thought taking on painting jobs wasn’t such a bad idea. If you find your wallet bursting, but your free time dwindling, commission work probably isn’t going to be much fun. You’ll stress yourself out trying to complete everything on time, and you’ll stare at your plastic gray models and shed a tear. Even if you’re getting paid for it, commission painting is still part of your hobby time, so you have to make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

The Other

So while we’re talking models, I wanted to ask the community a question; do you all typically paint models *after* putting them together, or do you paint individual parts and assemble the models after. Here’s why I ask…

I’m thinking about trans-species surgery and…wait, no, you guys aren’t my therapist. Ahem. Never mind that earlier bit.


I ask because I’m a parts painter. I like the control that comes with painting bits first, and assembling later. There are no shoulder pads getting in the way, no knives covering any details, and no elbows preventing me from getting to a highlight. But lately I find myself drawn to putting some of these boxes together and painting them later. Now, I have a strict rule about only fielding models I’ve fully painted, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to put the mans together and really see what they’ll look like before I turn my attention to the next model. Hmmm, I just don’t know.

So what do you do, my theoretical readers? Do you assemble then paint, or do you paint then assemble? Give me your thoughts in the comment section below, or send a Tweet to @CBMcGames. I’d love to hear some reader opinions.

So this post wasn’t all that funny. Give me a break! It’s 12:31 a.m., I start a new job tomorrow, and I’ve slept a grand total of 13 hours since Friday night. I’ll leave you with this gem. Kisses!


To Do: Discuss Commission Painting and Ask Painting Questions of the Community

To Do: Discuss Real Life (Blergh), Update on Some Projects, and Try to Get Caught Up

Now that’s a long ole’ title. Reminds me of the classic American Film Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, except hopefully more entertaining.


So here we are, another post, another 45+ days since my last. My life seems to go through a number of high tides and low tides, metaphorically speaking. I’ll have a plethora of free time with which to write personal projects, play guitar, create sock puppets from neighbors’ socks, and maintain my self-enforced rigid painting schedule. Other times, well, I’m staying up till 2 a.m. just to finish a commission job so I can go to work the next morning. I’m sleepy, dammit!


This evening, after finishing a WoC sorcerer for a client and watching Despicable Me with the wifey (she fell asleep half way through, I was glued to the tube), I was able to put aside a few things and get a blog post up. As stated above, I have at least three pounds of unchecked sleep sitting around, so this may not be all that funny. Or it may be. Who knows. I know…the Shadow knows!


Actually, I can’t verify that with paperwork. *ahem* So aside from the numerous commission jobs I’ve picked up, such as this one…

Khorne Lord 1

And this one…

Dave R Prince

I was able to cram in enough time to paint my brand new, limited edition (total of one in the world), bad-ass Black Templars Chapter Master. But what’s that you say? Black Templars can’t have chapter masters? Well, rumor has it that the boys in black will be featured in the upcoming Codex: Space Marines.

1185596_161938270663616_1071946389_n“Heavy flamer, I choose you! Use fireblast!”

What I wanted was something that was never meant to be. You see, THQ was, once upon a time, back when innocence was real and Miley Cyrus wasn’t raunching up the world (Ha! Contemporary humor), creating a 40K MMO. In it, players could suit up as a Black Templar and become a certified Keanu Reeves that looked something like the guy in the middle here.


Alas, it was not meant to be.


But instead of turning from my desires and walking back to my lonely bar with a foreign police officer, I turned to the Internet for help. Being a connoisseur of awesome peeps on Twitter, I knew exactly what to do. I contacted a buddy of mine, a Mr. @WH30K, and asked him to recreate the amaze-balls model, with a couple of alterations:

1) Put a helmet on the guy. Dad gummit, he didn’t survive countless war zones by exposing his mug to enemy fire.
2) Put a cape on it, because, hell, I’m a sucker for capes. I’d wear one in real life if it didn’t result in me being asked to stop bank heists. I bruise easily.

Steve, being the stand-up guy that he is, took on the project with reckless abandon. Before long, I had this gem waiting for me in my mailbox.


Go ahead, gasp. Drool. Become awkwardly aroused. It’s ok. It’s a gorgeous mini. It took two nights of painting, sneaking time in between dog walks, work projects, and, you know, all that missed sleep, but I got it done. Behold!


I like to think of myself as a resurected Picasso whose tastes have evolved from canvas to plastic models, and whose talents have taken a dive after venturing from the afterlife into a human host. It’s not an amazing paint job, but I’m pretty damn proud. He’ll make one heck of a leader.

It wasn’t all puppy kisses and leprechaun farts. Along the way, my kitten managed to frickin’ eat the power sword and the chain connecting the pistol to the wrist. Seriously, ate it…can’t find any evidence of their destruction.

So anyways, this guy will launch my Black Templars expansion, which will include a Sternguard unit, 2x tactical squads, a devastator centurion squad, an AA tank, and probably some fanciness besides. But something else happened…


I was so impressed with Steve’s work that I just had to do a quick Q and A with him. You know, poke his brain, ask the tough questions, study the brain of a madman…a madman at sculpting! If you have ever found yourself wondering about the finer points of Green Stuff sculpting, or ever wanted to get to know a complete stranger, then read on!


Q: So what/who got you started in the tabletop hobby? 
Lord of the Rings, my son was about 7 when it came out and started to buy the models, he was trying to paint but gave up and asked for my help 🙂 Once I got the bug, I was hooked.
Q: Were you immediately drawn to the converting/sculpting side of things, or was it something you picked up later? Why?
At first, I was content with just the painting, then I started my own High Elf army and started to do some green stuff work, firstly making some High Elf mounted archers. You couldn’t buy then back then, and I thought i would have a go 🙂
Q: What was the first conversion/sculpt you can remember being very proud of? What about that particular piece inspired you? Any pictures? 
First scratch built model I built was for a friend; it was a Mortarion for his Death Guard (pic below). I was really happy with it at the time 🙂


Q: How long have you been sculpting professionally?
About 6 months since I started to charge for my work, tha’ts when i made Leman Russ (pic below)


Q: You recently began working on 40K models as a full-time endeavor. How has the adventure been going? Any success stories you’d like to share?
Really pleased with how its going, never a bad comment so it must mean I’m heading in the right direction 🙂 
Q: If other hobbyists wanted to have you sculpt a custom model for them, what would be the best way of contacting you? is my e-mail or @wh30k on Twitter 
Q: Have any advice for those just starting to dabble in sculpting? What about those considering doing tabletop modeling as a professional endeavor?
Yeah, keep at it, It won’t happen over night, practice makes perfect, any help needed I’m willing to give any more specific advice on my Twitter page or e-mail
Q: What tabletop games do you play? What armies/forces do you play within those games?
I started playing Lord of the Rings High Elfs, then moved onto dwarves. Gave up for about 4 years then started reading some space marine books 🙂 really only ever played space marines since (cause he’s smart, mwahaha)
Q: Your Warhammer 40,000 primarch models have netted you quite a bit of attention from Twitter. Is there a particular army/model type that you particularly enjoy sculpting? Why?
Yeah, the Night Lords. I’m sculpting a Konrad Curze or Night Haunter (primarch of the 8th), so i bought myself the books to read for inspiration and have started to make my own 10th company now 😀 
As you can tell, I don’t really put questions in a particular order, mostly because they come out in random ways. I figure, hey, maybe it makes them more fun to read.
Well, I think that’s going to wrap it up here. I’d like to make some heartfelt statement about trying to update more, but as we all know, life can be a hideous goddess bitch, so who knows when I’ll get another spare hour to update things. I imagine my enthusiasm for the space marine release will have be all a flutter and I’ll spend a night just taking pictures and gawking at the book, but that shall have to wait for another day.
To Do: Discuss Real Life (Blergh), Update on Some Projects, and Try to Get Caught Up

To Do: Discuss Painting Craziness and Other Such Randomness Known Only to Bing Enthusiasts

Holy effing crap…it’s been a month? A damn month? What the hell have I been doing with my time! Let’s see, koala insemination, thirteen tours with my one-man acoustic band, Saggin’ G-Strings, work, dog walking. Huh, so apparently I’ve been busy. I need a dad gum alarm or something telling me I’m slacking on my writing. If any reader has a bullwhip, they have full permission to teach me the error of my ways. 


So let’s catch up. First, the Warhammer 40,00-ing, cause, let’s be honest, that’s all I really talk about. Sometimes politics, but only when discussing movie title legislation. First, I’ve painted enough models to knock both my Black Templars and my Alpha Legion to 2,000 points. On top of that, I’ve also painted the start of my pre-heresy Alpha Legion (a Cataphractii Legion Praetor), and pretty far into my Farsight allies, knocking out six firewarriors, Commander Farsight, and two bodyguards. I’ll toss up some pictures here.

That is a lot of painting. Wow. Ya. That’s (yay, a list!):


1x Black Templars Stormraven
1x Emperor’s Champion (from the power-armored legion praetor)
1x Black Templars Marshal with a thunderhammer and stormshield
5x Alpha Legion cataphractii terminators
1x Pre-heresy Alpha Legion legion praetor
6x Firewarriors
1x Commander Farsight
2x Crisis Suit Bodyguards

All of that was within a month and a half…do…do I have a life? I do love me some late night painting, that’s for sure. When others are drinking booze, exploring their desires to begin a crimefighting duo, or catching a re-run of Louie Anderson’s Family Feud, I’m working on my brushstrokes. It’s been paying off, though.


Recently I’ve started picking up some commission work for people at my local shop. The first was a single model, the dead teminator from the Space Hulk game. Now another gent has enlisted me to paint a number of his pre-heresy Death Guard and Angron. I mean, it’s not a terrible amount of money, but it helps fund more hobby craziness. Yes, the hobby craziness.


And all this leads into the last bit of painting madness. Without much fanfare…





I won my local Games Workshop Armies on Parade competition! Unfortunately it wasn’t a huge turnout (a few guys who had talked trash for weeks didn’t show up), having only three competitors, but the other guys were crack painters and modelers. It turned into a really close race between me and a cool Tyranid guy who smashes my ass every SINGLE DAMN TIME WE PLAY. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME, MOM! His board was much better than mine, but my insane attention to detail pulled me ahead by two votes. Huzzah!


See that? That’s gold. Well, gold plating. Gold paint. It’s yellowish paint made to look like gold. 

On the video game front, a buddy of mine and I picked up Rift for the second time. You see, I’m becoming a cheap ass in my golden years. If it ain’t small and made of plastic or a flashy bauble that’s caught my lady’s eye, I ain’t buying it. Actually, not true. I’m totally buying a New England Patriots Tim Tebow jersey. And possibly a new pair of underwear, but only if I can find one of those fancy elephant ones where the dong goes in the trunk. Now that Rift has gone F2P, I have no reservations about devoting some time to it. It’s always been a solid MMO, but paying a subscription fee wasn’t in the cards. I did put some money into the extra classes so I could play a battle mage. Shit, that means I spent money. Son of a bitch!


What, you want more? I don’t know if I got anything else. Uhm, Farsight supplement rumor, Space Marine codex before the end of 2013, it’s impossible to tell the gender of an alligator without poking its innards. That’s pretty much all I got. God strike my internet dead if I do

To Do: Get My Hobby Life Back on Track

Man oh man, life can get hella distracting sometimes. My abundance of free time before the wedding has vanished so well, not even Kazaam could bring it back.


So what all’s been happening? Well, work has increased a fair amount. It happens from time to time when you work for a multi-billion dollar company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to the powers that be for keeping me in a job, I’m just saying it gets in the way of goofing off is all. Life is full of problems like this.


Along with my 9-5 job, my freelance work has picked up a bit, which takes even more time out of the geeky schedule.


What little free time I’ve had has been spread to painting figures for an upcoming Armies on Parade competition at my local Games Workshop store, playing Borderlands 2, Halo 4, and Neverwinter, and attempting to impregnate my beautiful wife for family starting.


Anyways, yes, life has been hectic. I finally found myself with a night not so dedicated to other stuff that I’m able to sit down and pour my little painters heart out. But first, why the hell didn’t anyone tell me how great Borderlands 2 is? Actually, lots of people did, but I don’t listen. Mind’s all jam-packed with comic books, Warhammer 40k, boobs, college football, and plans to merge all of these things together. So far my plan is to cram my wife’s noggin with geeky stuff, as her female body already comes equipped with breasts, but she’s fierce of mind. Little by little, it will happen.

So yes, Borderlands 2, what a damn good game! I’m currently playing with my best friend growing up, and loving every second of it. It’s a great blend of fast-paced FPS action and RPG elements. My obsession with swords forced me to play the ninja-like character, though the download pack with the chainaxe wielding guy looks redonk, as the kids say nowadays. I may have to hit that thang up, yo.


The main thing I want to talk about this evening is model painting. I find myself more and more drawn to this aspect of the hobby. Buying stuff is always fun, and playing the game is a blast, but there’s such a sense of accomplishment that comes spending countless hours sweating beneath a burning light bulb, painting every insignificant corner of a 2.5-inch tall model that will just sit in a glass case for the rest of its days. Mmmm, so rewarding.


But seriously. Well, not seriously. Nothing in this blog is serious. But seriously. Spending hours watching TV entertains, but at the end of the day, you have nothing to show for it. Video games reward you with accomplishments, but as soon as you sell of the title or the game server goes down, it all counts for naught. But putting a lot of effort into a model yields tangible results. I can pick it up, obsess over the small details I missed, compliment myself over trying something new, and most importantly, actually hold the fruits of my labors. It’s how I imagine Scrooge McDuck feels every time he dives into his money bin, all cock loose and fancy free.


With this inspiration has come two things; fairly decent looking models, and lots of research. I thought to myself, “Boobs,” then, “Why not share it all with your readers?” Damn good question, voice in my head that sounds an awful lot like Paul Giamatti. Why don’t I?!?

First, I’d like to share my most recent accomplishment, my Forgeworld Abaddon vs. Loken diorama.

Loken Vs. Abaddon

This piece took me about 10 days total to complete, off and on, you know, with what little time I had thinking about stuff and working. What I’m most proud of with the final result is:
1) The bare skin. I’ve always considered myself poor at painting skin, and would avoid painting it like the plague. After spending a night researching, I developed a method which I’m a pretty big fan of, and (I hope) turned out pretty well. Now to learn paler flesh.
2) Loken’s armor. I couldn’t find a tutorial that I quite liked online (they all looked too sea green to me…sad that I know what sea green looks like), so just took a deep breath and made my own. I fell in love with the result, almost to the point of wanting to do a pre-heresy Sons of Horus army, if not for the huge expense and enjoyment I find in having my wife’s affections. The urge is still within me, but I’m strong…I’m strong…
3) Black highlights. I started playing around with them while working on my Disciples of Caliban ally force (which is now for sale btw, in case you’re interested *wink*), but I really put effort into Abaddon’s armor. Though I’m still not 100% happy with the result, it’s definitely an improvement over my original Black Templar models with their drastic highlights. Would that I had infinite amounts of time, I would repaint them all, and they would be glorious. Like, Kate Upton eating a Popsicle glorious.


So now the question arises. “Where did you find all these tips, Mr. Brad?” Why Jimmy, I’ll tell you. For $20. I kid! I’ll just link them, since we’re such good friends.

First off is this treasure trove of information called From the Warp. I found an article from this site randomly one night while Googling painting ideas, and wound up spending four hours reading stuff in one sitting. It’s brimming with great painting tips that will elevate the look of any model. No diggity, no doubt. In particular, check out the Creating Metal Effects, How to Paint Rich Skin, and a Quick Look at Layering. While I’m nowhere near as good as the author of this blog, this reading is definitely helping me get there.

Another great resource is The Art of Warhammer. This is a great place for tips for those who like to paint darker models, such as brooding Space Marine chapters to Twilight fan fiction dolls. In particular, check out the post concerning the Dark Angels Librarian.

Lastly, while I haven’t had a chance to apply this technique yet, the author of Warpforged Miniatures has a great article about painting Non-Metallic Colors for Minotaur Space Marines. Give it a look over and let your eyeballs dance in its beautiful e-flames.

Gosh golly willickers, look at the time! I better log off before I have to cut into my sleep. And you don’t want to see what happens if I miss an hour of sleep.


To Do: Get My Hobby Life Back on Track

To Do: Discuss a Recent Game, Post Model Pictures, Giggle at “Titicaca”

Hello web surfers. So, it’s Sunday, the laundry’s in the machine, my wrists are sore from excessive painting, and my body wills time to stop, preventing work from capturing me once again for five days of toil. Since I can’t prevent Father Time from pissing on my head, I figured I’d use my time wisely and write a blog post.


Recent Battle Recap

A buddy from my now not-very-local Games Workshop needed to test his army list for Adepticon, so I volunteered to be his punching bag so that he could test combos and practice his boastful, yet trying to be sincere, “sportsmanship smile”. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much out of the game; as everyone who knows me knows (and if you don’t know me, HI! I’m Brad), I build all of my armies with fluff in mind, not necessarily great combos. I’m about as competitive as a mouse already down the gullet of a snake…I just lay back, think about all the cheese I’ve ever eaten, and let things fall as they may. But I don’t lie down, either! I’m a dad gum Rocky Balboa of tabletop gaming, except I don’t win every match. In fact, I have quite a few fail moments.


This was the first game I fielded all of my painted Chaos models. You see, my wife has a very ba…wait, she reads this…great, amazing, gives-me-special feelings rule that I can’t buy new models unless I have my previous models painted. Honestly, it keeps me from having a metric crap ton of unpainted minis around my desk, and keeps my spending in line. If it wasn’t for “the rule”, it’d look like the damned last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


After adding a few upgrades, I hit 1,500 points, just the amount of Dave’s tourney army. Oh ya, I was playing Dave. He fielded a Necron / Grey Knight army and won first turn. To get an idea of how the game went for me…


Yep, that bad. I was sore, and wanted to go home. I’m still sitting on my donut pillow. All joking aside, it went a lot better than I thought. I survived till the top of turn five, and decided it was time to call it quits, as I had only a Helbrute left on the board. I did have him on the ropes a couple of times, causing a single bead of sweat to fall from his well-manicured hair, but not for long. My Chaos Lord managed to wipe his Destroyer Lord off the table without a scratch (DAMN! I just realized I forgot my Chaos Boon of rerolling failed armor saves…Chaos players should really bring paper and pens with them), which was satisfying. Due to some lucky dice rolls, my Obliterators managed to rip apart a Dreadknight in one round of shooting and wound another one twice before dying, as well as blow up a Razorback. Lastly, my Heldrake sent a Grey Knight squad to meet their Emperor. In return, Dave tabled me. Le sigh.


No matter what, I had a great time. My army performed well while having quite a few glaring problems (no anti-air fire to speak of, a couple of “why the hell are you using that piece of crap” units), so I consider it a moral victory. I’m pretty notorious in the shop for finding moral victories in my games. In fact, I consider finding moral victories in every situation a moral victory. Optimism is great. My glass is always half full, half full of happy.

Dude Den Cabinet

One of my favorite accents in my dude den is my display cabinet for my models. It’s nothing fancy, just a small Ikea case that I bled over. I seriously think Ikea furniture was designed by Jigsaw, as it’s complicated, causes immense pain, and features dozens of screws.


The biggest problem with the case is there aren’t any lights, but who gives a hoot! It’s a damn glass case full of my models! I talk sweet nothings into its see-through panels every night. Love, ladies and gentlemen. Love. To see blurry ass photos of my entire Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine army inside the case, head over to my Warhammer 40K gallery.

Lake Titicaca

I don’t give a hell if I’m 12-years-old in my brain place, this lake is essentially named booby poop. Lake Booby Poop. “Guys, let’s go fishing at Lake Booby Poop.

Disciples of Caliban

While these models are also sitting in my Warhammer 40K gallery, I couldn’t help but to show at least pictures here. These are a little side project for my Black Templars, a bunch of shooty marines to back up their close combat erections. Within 21 days, I’ve managed to paint 10 tactical marines and my Company Master (yes, that’s them below, so be gentle). Not bad, if I do say so myself. That’s almost 4 a week mutha sucka. All I have left are five Terminators and three Bikes. Of course, then I’m moving onto a Stormraven and new Black Templars Marshal, followed closely by my big summer project, the Loken vs. Abaddon diarama from Forgeworld, a model that both excites me sexually, yet scares me. Anyways, check out the pics below for my latest work.

Disciples Company Master

Disciples Tact Sqd 1

P.S. I know they’re not based. I think I’m going to order some from Fantascape, but I haven’t quite made up my mind which ones.

Lake Titicaca

Did I mention that this lake is pretty much Lake Booby Poop?

I think that’ll wrap it up for today, folks. Keep your hammers swinging and your heads up, just probably not at the same time. Nothing worse than catching your head in your own hammer swing.

To Do: Discuss a Recent Game, Post Model Pictures, Giggle at “Titicaca”

To Do: Talk About Warpforged Miniatures (and Apologize for Not Writing Lately and Other Stuff)

It has come to my attention that it’s been a literal “forever” since I wrote a blog post. Before you jump down my throat, I have prepared the following list of excuses:

  1. I was moving into a new apartment with my new wife.
  2. Work has been pretty hectic lately.
  3. BioShock: Infinite came out.
  4. My NCAA bracket took a nose dive, as did my confidence.
  5. Soda pop is a hell of a drug.
  6. My dogs have needed extra cuddling time.

Hopefully you see where I’m coming from. In any event, I am here now, and ready to smash out some words for your eye orbs to take into them like sweet, sweet loving. Since some time has passed since my last post, I’ll make this one a catch up entry. Put on your goggles, cause here comes the thunder.



Money shot…get it?

Warpforged Miniatures

One of the fantastic people I follow on Twitter is named Warpforged Miniatures (@warpforgedminiatures). Regularly I’d call him a peep, but I was recently informed by my six-year-old niece that that word is no longer “with it”, so I’m in search of a new term for friend. Please submit your ideas in the comment box below. Warpforged Miniatures is a painting collective that does some pretty tasty work, and recently, they put out a tweet asking people if they wanted a free paint commission; all one had to do was supply the model. Always eager to see the work of others (and find new things to write about, as most of my ideas are just a string of swear words and doodles of dragons), I jumped at the chance. After a couple of weeks of waiting, which felt like an eternity, because patience is for physicists and those who love watching water boil, it finally arrived at my place of living.

IMG_20130409_163840 IMG_20130409_163855


As you can see, the model is tres fancy. My upcoming ally force is going to be the Disciples of Caliban. You see, my Black Templars are on a crusade to slay a traitorous Sword Brethren who has become a member of an Alpha Legion band. As it turns out, the Alpha Legion have more intel than Harriet the Spy, which includes the location of Cypher. As such, the Disciples have partnered with my crusade to apprehend both chaps. Ah, it feels good to stroke one’s geek.

So Warpforged did a great job capturing the look of the chapter. The mind-blowing thing is it took them only 45 minutes to complete this bad boy. I can’t seem to get a single model done in under 1.5 hours, so I’m beyond impressed with this. Kudos to Warpforged Miniatures on a fantastic mini! And congrats to me on being the owner of said mans. Click here to browse their website.

Recent 40K Battle

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go visit my friends at the Games Workshop in Oak Park, and break out my evil guys for a mega battle game. Typically with these games, there’s a main objective everyone is trying to take over (In previous games, I have taken the objective 3/4 times, and held it twice). Well, I figured, “You know, I may not be here next weekend, and it’d be downright shameful for me to take it and deny some poor whippersnapper the chance to enjoy its effects the next game,” so instead of trying to win, I just set out to murder everyone around me. I took a Chaos Lord with 10 marines, 3 obliterators, and 1 heldrake. Throughout the game, I achieved the following:

Victims – 9 daemonettes, 3 Ravenwing bikers, 13 guardsmen, 5 lootas, 5 slugga boyz, and glanced a landspeeder.
Casualties – 2 obliterators, 1 marine, and the heldrake, the first time he’s ever been slain…



The best part was the last turn, which looked a little something like this



That is a freaking crap ton of flyers. This, my friends, is why I can’t wait to get some Tau allies under my command. Too many birds in the air, and far too many singing on my shoulder. I prefer no more than one of each, and both better be chirping “Spoonful of Sugar” into my ear.

Disciples of Caliban

I started getting this force under way, but you’ll have to wait a few days for me to get some pictures done up. I’m finicky.


Bioshock: Infinite


Why does 2K Games continue to rock my world and steal my free time like a heartless wench? There’s no scale which one can gauge how good this game is. Except for a number system between 1 and 10, which puts B:I at a dad gum 15. I’m not a huge fan of FPS games, at least modern ones, where goobers run around screaming into their headsets mocking others while slinging racial and homophobic slurs like candy at a parade. But FPS games like these are just unstoppable. Great graphics, one of the best stories I’ve played through in forever, and action that just doesn’t quit. If orgasms could happen through playing games, I’d spend my down time smoking cigarettes.


An Apology

So here we come to the end of our time together, and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the delayed post. No, no, I’m serious. I shouldn’t leave you alone like that. I didn’t even put down a bowl of water. From here on out, if I’m going to have more than a week between posts, I’ll put up some random hilarity to pacify your need for laughs. So friends, get busy living, or get busy dying.



To Do: Talk About Warpforged Miniatures (and Apologize for Not Writing Lately and Other Stuff)